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Potato-spinach frittata

Vegan frittata in cast iron pan

I’m a little hesitant to call this recipe a “frittata.” It’s delicious, yes, but it’s not really very eggy. (Which is my preference, I always hated eggs.) I suppose it’s really more of a special chickpea flour based torta salata (savory cake/pastry). Anyway, it’s delicious, and super versatile (substitute basically …

plate of pasta al ragù

Pasta al ragù

In some parts of the world, they call this dish spaghetti bolognese. However, in Italy (or at least, in the part where I live), that’s not a thing. This dish is, instead, pasta al ragù. Ragù emphatically has nothing to do with the questionable quality American tomato sauce brand. It’s …

Plate of risotto alla trevigiana

Risotto alla trevigiana

Everyone knows how to make risotto right? I guess. But the risotto I’ve had in Italy is remarkably different than what I had in the US. It’s creamy, for sure, but the rice has more of a bite left. Also, I’ve been introduced to several new and exciting types of …